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On June 21-24, Timing attend the GFT 2023 in BITEC,BANGKOK THAILAND and achieved great success.






Wuhan Timing Wei Ye Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, located in Wuhan City, China. With more than decade development on cutting technologies, Timing is the leading manufacturer of cutting systems in China. Nowadays, the main products we are manufacturing includes automatic fabric cutting machines, spreading machines, digital cutting machines, and etc. The company provides integrated solutions to a wide range of industries including textile, garment, furniture, automotive, composites and etc. With more than 100 employees, 5000 square meters workshop, Timing factory production capacity at 200 sets monthly. 

Timing not only supplies machines, but also the good technological partner, helping the customer to solve the cutting and spreading problem in production. Timing team is capable to install more than 60 countries and over 3000 units among cutting machine, spreading machines. We offering customers a guaranteed and qualified high level after sales service, according to the single and unique requests, the well organized and specialized manufacturing can produce and test all the equipment in a very short lead-time. Timing is always working hard to help the customers get the maximum return on investment and improve the competitiveness.

Now in our twelfth year, our vision is to become the first choice provider of intelligent cutting solutions, by investing in our people and continuing to improve our skills within our field of expertise, we will be known for our commitment to accuracy, quality and sustainability for the benefit of our clients.

Tel.:  +86 27 59311065
Address:  Room 1301, 13th Floor, Building 2, Yike Center, No. 438 Gaoxin Avenue, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.
Post code:430075
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