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Show Time: March. 20-23, 2024

Timing Booth: HB 25

Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia


The Indonesian Jakarta Textile Industry and Textile Fabric Exhibition (INDO INTER TEX) is one of the largest textile industry and textile fabric exhibitions in Indonesia. The exhibition brings together manufacturers, professionals, and buyers from around the world in the textile machinery and accessories, textile fabrics, textile and clothing industries, showcasing the latest textile machinery and accessories, textile fabrics, ready to wear and other products, And provide the latest market dynamics and trend analysis.

The main exhibition areas of the INDO INTER TEX exhibition include: textile machinery exhibition area, textile fabric exhibition area, ready to wear exhibition area, textile accessories exhibition area, etc., showcasing textile and clothing related products from spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, ready to wear to textile accessories and other aspects.

The INDO INTER TEX exhibition provides an important communication platform for the Indonesian textile industry and textile fabric industry, as well as an opportunity for buyers and professionals to learn about the latest textile machinery and accessories, textile fabrics, ready to wear products, technologies, and trends.

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