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Intelligent production

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Intelligent production, “Wings” of  the textile and garment industry 

In June this year, the three-year action plan for the digital transformation of the textile industry (2022-2024) , 2024 by the China Federation of the textile industry, states that “With deepening the integration and development of the new generation of information technology and the textile industry as the main line, intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, and the innovative application of the industrial internet as the focus, we will accelerate the digital transformation of the textile industry.”

The scheme of“Textile subdivision industry (field) digital solutions”, the garment industry emphasizes on developing solutions such as 3D design, intelligent tailoring, flexible production, personalized customization, intelligent material delivery, supply chain management, store operation, platform design and platform marketing.


Secretary-general of the Federation of Textile Industries

The intelligent cutting equipment accelerates the digital transformation of the textile industry chain, and creates an automatic, standardized and digital cutting production management system with the help of all-round and efficient intelligent cutting equipment, the construction of intelligent production line and workshop will become the inevitable development of textile and garment industry chain.


TIMING cutting room

At the same time, with rising prices and the demand for low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development, reducing material consumption has become a major concern of the manufacturing sector. Smart tailoring technology to save fabric, reduce labor costs, increase production capacity, achieve profit maximization, to create an efficient clothing supply chain is also a pressing issue for apparel companies.

In mid-october, a clothing company in Zhejiang province introduced several cutting equipment from Tianming company according to its different production needs (such as different cutting fabrics, cutting styles, cutting sizes, order quantities, etc.) , a digital workshop has been set up, including 8 fully automatic computer cutting bed, 8 fully automatic servo cloth spreading machine.

TIMING customer "8 + 8" digital workshop

Traditional textile industry“Thousands of people yarn, 10,000 people cloth” production scene has become history, intelligent, digital production line will become the development of textile and apparel industry chain. Tianming customers said, intelligent production workshop in improving the image of the enterprise at the same time, shorten the cutting cycle, reduce labor costs, to ensure the quality of cutting pieces, to achieve a green low-carbon cycle of development; Intelligent production line is in line with the requirements of the development of the times, but more importantly, it has brought practical benefits to enterprises.

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