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Shipping Diary--- TIMING To Italy

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At present, the global economic recovery is slow, and the impact of trade protectionism, domestic companies to go to overseas markets has become more difficult to walk. Tianming cutting bed from the quality and service, break through the siege, the overseas market share of steady growth, has a number of countries in the world sales and service agents, which, the European market has covered Russia, Romania, Italy, Turkey, Armenia, Moldova, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Belgium, Albania and other countries.

  TIMING Sales Worldwide


Timing cutting machine received an order from Italian again. Italy, as the source of Renaissance, is the country of fashion that leads the fashion trend. The fashion industry is also one of the industries with the most international influence in Italian industrial structure And the continuous innovation of production mode, intelligent digital production management is also cast a complete Italian fashion industry chain of powerful factors.

Timing has a complete and scientific quality management system, as the leading supplier of intelligent cutting solutions, has passed high-tech Enterprise Certification, ISO9001 Quality System certification, Environmental Management System certification; Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification. SGS factory certification; with independent import and export operation rights; products in line with the EU CE standard, FDA certification, has a number of CE certification, a number of national patents. More details, please feel free to contact us.

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