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China Int'l Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show 2021 Postponed

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Considering that the Covid-19 pandemic still poses a grave threat, the Organizer has decided to further postpone China Int'l Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show 2021 (CISMA2021), due to take place at Shanghai New Int'l Expo Center (SNIEC) on January 7-10, 2022, to April 27-30, 2022 at Ningbo Int'l Conference & Exhibition Center, after takes into thorough account suggestions and advices from relevant parties, so as to adhere to national pandemic prevention and control requirements, guarantee the health and related rights and benefits of the exhibitors and visitors, and substantially offset the adverse impact on exhibition activities brought by the pandemic.

We feel terribly sorry for any inconvenience incurred by this. Corresponding adjustments of the show are attached; a more detailed plan will be available soon, then the Organizer will positively discuss the same with each and every partner. We hope that exhibitors and visitors can make the most of the extra window of opportunities to refine their attendance plan, and strive to hold a CISMA with untarnished splendor.

Ningbo, a key industrial cluster of the sewing machinery sector and relevant up-stream and down-stream segments, is accessible from all directions, and has favorable pre-conditions for CISMA2021 with respect to exhibition infrastructure, hotel, logistics, etc. We will keep in touch with related parties, take good care of the following issues, and spare no effort to convene a CISMA with unparalleled security and quality.

We couldn't be more obliged to the exhibitors, visitors and related entities for your understanding and consistent support.

China Sewing Machinery Association

November 26, 2021

Measures for the postponement

of CISMA2021 (provisional):

1. To secure the rights of related parties, protect the benefits of all the exhibitors, and roll out the following adjustment measures, the Organizer has made available three options as below for the exhibitors to choose based on their own realities:

Option A: Stick with us, i.e. agree on the adjustments of CISMA2021 regarding the date, venue, booth, etc.;

Option B: Quit CISMA2021 but carry your application to CISMA2023;

Option C: Cancel your application.

2. For those who choose option A, the Organizer will allocate an area about half of the original size, and the fee already paid for the reduced half will be refunded; if the exhibitor applies for a booth in the new expo center larger than the original one, the same shall make up the price difference as per the existing CISMA2021 Exhibitor's Manual;

3. For those who choose option B, the fee already paid will constitute down payment for CISMA2023, in which case, overpayment will be refunded, and deficiency supplemented when the terms and rules for CISMA2023 are available;

4. For those who choose option C, 80% of the contract sum will be refunded;

5. Option B or C will be applicable to exhibitors who have originally applied two standard booths or less; while taking into consideration all the factors, the Organizer will try to arrange booth(s) for any exhibitor who still chooses to attend the show.

6. CSMA secretariat's explanations will prevail regarding any issue unspecified here.

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