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TIMING Weiye -------TIMING Anti-epidemic Record

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Since the outbreak of the new crown virus in December 2019, Wuhan has been in the eye of the epidemic. As of today, Wuhan, as the starting place of the epidemic, has been completely cleared. Hubei is safe and Wuhan has won. Wuhan TIMING, as a key guarantee material production enterprise for epidemic prevention and control of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and a key guarantee material guarantee enterprise for epidemic prevention materials in Hubei Province, has been helping the production of epidemic prevention materials since February and contributing its own strength to winning the battle against the "epidemic".

In February 2020, news came from all over the country that Wuhan Tianming Intelligent System is fighting on the front line of the "epidemic"

In the anti-epidemic retrograde on February 29, 2020, Wuhan Timing makes new contributions to annihilating the new crown virus

In the process of actively participating in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and resuming work and production, Wuhan TIMING has obtained the second-level new crown epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Wuhan Hegedian Economic Development Zone, Optics Valley Optoelectronics Information Industrial Park and Donghu New Technology Development Zone Enterprise Service Bureau Wait for the full cooperation and strong support of leaders at all levels

On March 18, 2020, Wuhan TIMING, as a key protection enterprise for epidemic prevention materials in Hubei Province, officially resumed work and production. It is also the first batch of companies allowed to resume work. All work is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of new crown pneumonia virus prevention and control.

Wuhan Timing has been working hard to win this battle without gunsmoke

Actively donate for epidemic prevention and control

Yang Yunhui, chairman of Wuhan Timing Company, said that the country is in trouble and everyone should do their responsibilities, especially when Timing is in Wuhan. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Wuhan Timing has actively donated donations to Hubei Provincial Clothing Chamber of Commerce, Gedian Economic Development Zone, and Ezhou Chu Chamber of Commerce for epidemic prevention and control. Every bit of love is gathered to fight against the "epidemic", and we are united to win this battle against the epidemic.

Wuhan TIMING not only contributes to the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic in China and even the world,

TIMING intelligent cutting equipment produces anti-epidemic protection materials in Central and Southeast Asian countries.

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