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Classification and characteristics of commercial fabric cutting machine

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A commercial fabric cutting machine is a kind of commercial cutting machine, which is usually used for cutting all kinds of non-metallic materials. The most commonly used cutting machine is for textile, cloth, leather, and other materials. With the development of the modern mechanical processing industry, the requirements of cutting quality and accuracy are constantly improving. Nowadays, commercial fabric cutting machine has efficient cutting head, safety device, automatic discharge device and motion control device. Commercial fabric cutting machine is usually divided into CNC cutting machine and manual cutting machine. Let me introduce the classification and characteristics of commercial fabric cutting machines.

Here is the content list:

What is CNC commercial fabric cutting machine

What are the characteristics of commercial fabric cutting machine

Notes on using commercial fabric cutting machine


What is CNC commercial fabric cutting machine

CNC commercial fabric cutting machine is to use digital programs to drive the movement of the machine tool. With the movement of the machine tool, the cutting tools are randomly equipped to cut the object. This kind of cutting machine has commercial characteristics. This kind of mechatronic cutting machine is called CNC commercial fabric cutting machine. After decades of development, CNC cutting machine has made great progress in cutting energy and CNC control systems. CNC cutting machine control system has developed from simple function, complex programming and input mode, low degree of automation to the control mode with perfect function, intelligent, graphical and network; The drive system is also from the stepping drive, analog servo drive to today's full digital servo drive.

What are the characteristics of commercial fabric cutting machine

With the continuous improvement of technology, commercial fabric cutting machine has been widely used in the cutting of textile clothing and leather due to its advantages of accurate, fast, simple operation and a high degree of automation. Moreover, the commercial fabric cutting machine can be typeset according to the method of saving the rawest materials, which can save time and labor, save materials and reduce waste.

Notes on using commercial fabric cutting machine

Before using a commercial fabric cutting machine, it is necessary to confirm whether the program and compensation amount are correct. Pay attention to observe and judge the processing stability when starting cutting, and adjust it in time when finding any defect. In the process of machining, the cutting condition should be inspected and supervised frequently, and the problems found should be dealt with immediately. According to the actual situation of the workpiece to be processed, open machining or close machining should be selected. At the same time, whether the jet selection is reasonable should be checked, and the performance of all buttons and selection switches should be checked.

The commercial fabric cutting machine produced by Wuhan TIMING Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. has many advantages in textile cutting, such as convenience and fast, flexible transformation, accurate and efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection, and has carried out a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality, so it is favored by users in the textile and garment industry

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