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Reasons for choosing our computerized fabric cutting machine

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The computerized fabric cutting machine can be widely used for cutting cloth, leather, cotton textiles, hard paper, and other similar materials. The peripheral shape can be divided into straight edge and lace, especially in the field of clothing. So what is the specific application of computer cloth cutter?

The following is a list of contents:

l Advantages of computerized cloth cutter

l How to choose the right machine?

l Product advantages of computerized cloth cutter

Advantages of computerized cloth cutter

First of all, for the clothing industry, the number of irregular pieces is very large, and more and more customers need special customization. Manual cutting is inefficient, and workers may make mistakes when they are tired. However, if the computerized fabric cutting machine, when the cutting error of the machine is controlled within 0.1 mm, it can ensure the perfect accuracy and help our customers improve the quality of products. Secondly, without cooling and rest, the computerized fabric cutting machine can work continuously and efficiently for 7 * 24 hours, greatly improving the work efficiency. In addition, the computerized fabric cutting machine can recognize DXF / PLT format from the computer. Dieless cutting provides the most flexible equipment. The perfect production of any shape and any design can be obtained in a short time. Secondly, the computerized fabric cutting machine uses a camera, which can automatically identify the printed lines, and then cut according to the printed pattern. After adding drawing tools, the machine can complete the pattern making and marking, improve the accuracy and save time. With its automatic nesting system, the utilization rate of the machine can be significantly improved. There is no reaction between physical cutting and material, so there is no smoke and smell in the cutting process. Due to its maximum cutting speed, a shorter delivery time is achieved. Most importantly, a computerized fabric cutting machine is easy to learn and operate, the future maintenance is simple and safe.

How to choose the right computerized fabric cutting machine?

Users can provide us with some information, and then we can recommend a suitable computerized fabric cutting machine to you. The information questions for reference are as follows: what materials should be cut? Do they roll or not? Is it breathable or not? What is the thickness of the material? Besides cutting, do you need more functions, such as drawing, drilling, scanning, feeding, CCD camera, etc?

Product advantages of computerized fabric cutting machine

First, the factory provides ODM / OEM services. Second, our company's computerized fabric cutting machine owners and software copyright. Third, more than 6 years of laser industry experience. Fourth, we are the innovation of CAD / CAM industry solutions computerized fabric cutting machine manufacturers.

At present, the computerized fabric cutting machine has been a good development. Wuhan TIMING Weiye Technology Co., Ltd can provide a complete set of cutting solutions, continuous development, to improve efficiency and productivity, timely response to market changes and new needs and requirements. If you are interested in computerized fabric cutting machines, you can consider our cost-effective products.

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