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How to move spreaded fabric to cutter?

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How to move spreaded fabric to cutter?

Moving spreaded fabric to the cutter can seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach and techniques it can be done efficiently and safely.

Firstly, it is important to create a clear and safe path from the spreader to the cutter. Remove any obstacles or clutter that may obstruct the movement of the fabric. This will prevent any accidents from occurring.

Next, carefully gather the fabric, making sure to lift it evenly and avoid dragging it on the ground. Use cardboard tubes or fabric rolls to roll the fabric onto and keep it organized.

Once the fabric is rolled, use a trolley or cart to transport it to the cutter. Make sure the wheels of the trolley are sturdy and can handle the weight of the fabric.

When placing the fabric on the cutter, be sure to align it properly and secure it with pins or weights. Ensure that the cutter blade is sharp and in good condition to avoid tearing or damaging the fabric.

Always work at a comfortable pace and take breaks if necessary to avoid fatigue and ensure accuracy.

Moving spreaded fabric to the cutter may require some physical effort, but with the proper techniques and mindset, it can be accomplished safely and efficiently.

After spreading fabrics , turn on the air blowers below the tables, it’s easy for the operator to move the fabrics to the cutting table. Once have the fabrics ready at end of the cutting table, press the cutter function button “feed”, it will conveyor the fabrics to the cutting table automatically.

Timing Optional Device---Auxiliary device while feeding

Before adding, at least two people need to collaborate to transfer the fabric at the same time. Fabric deviation needs to be adjusted in a timely manner.

After installation, only one person can quickly access the window. The fabric is flat and not skewed.


When the fabric laying machine needs to pass through the window after laying a bed of fabric, first pull the window assistant to the end of the fabric, fix the fabric, and then open the synchronous air flotation device with one button. A single person can easily pass through the window and complete the cutting directly. After the layout is cut, there is no need to align the points again, and continuous cutting function can be achieved. The comprehensive utilization efficiency of the cutting bed can be improved by 5-10%.

In addition to saving manpower and improving efficiency, synchronous air flotation is automatically controlled by photoelectric switches without the need for wiring, optimizing the power cost of clothing factories and helping to achieve sustainable development.

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