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How is the automatic fabric spreading machine maintained?

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We know that the automatic fabric spreading machine is a large operating machine, so after the automatic fabric spreading machine is used, maintenance is required. How is the automatic fabric spreading machine maintained? Let's go take a look next.

This is the content list:

Daily maintenance and maintenance

Weekly maintenance and maintenance

Monthly and quarterly maintenance

Daily maintenance and maintenance

Every working day must clean up the dirt of the automatic fabric spreading machine tool and guide rails to keep the automatic fabric spreading machine body clean, turn off the automatic fabric spreading machine air source and power supply when off work, and drain the remaining air in the automatic fabric spreading machine tool tube belt at the same time. If you leave the automatic fabric spreading machine for a long time, turn off the power to prevent non-professional operation. Pay attention to observe whether there is lubricating oil on the surface of the horizontal and longitudinal guide rails and racks of the automatic fabric spreading machine to keep them well lubricated.

Weekly maintenance and maintenance

The automatic fabric spreading machine shall be cleaned up every week, the horizontal and vertical guide rails, the transmission gear rack shall be cleaned, and the lubricating oil shall be added. Check whether the horizontal and vertical rail wipers of the automatic fabric spreading machine work normally. If not, replace them in time. Check whether all the cutting torches of the automatic fabric spreading machine are loose, clean up the rubbish on the firing muzzle, and keep the ignition normal. If the automatic fabric spreading machine has an automatic height adjustment device, it can detect whether it is sensitive and whether to replace the probe. Check whether the plasma cutting nozzle and electrode of the automatic fabric spreading machine are damaged and whether the cutting nozzle and electrode need to be replaced.

Monthly and quarterly maintenance

Check whether there is rubbish at the main air inlet of the automatic fabric spreading machine and whether each valve and pressure gauge is working properly. Check whether all the air pipe joints of the automatic fabric spreading machine are loose, and all the pipes are not damaged. Tighten or replace if necessary. Check whether all the transmission parts of the automatic fabric spreading machine are loose, check the meshing of the gear and the rack, and adjust if necessary. Loosen the tightening device of the automatic fabric spreading machine, push the pulley by hand, check whether it comes and goes freely, and adjust or replace it in time if there is any abnormality. Check the clamping block, steel belt, and guide wheel of the automatic fabric spreading machine for looseness and tightness of the steel belt, and adjust if necessary. Check the performance of all buttons and selector switches of the automatic fabric spreading machine, replace damaged ones, and finally draw a comprehensive inspection graph to test the accuracy of the machine.

automatic spreading machine

Automatic spreading machine

automatic spreader

Automatic spreader

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