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How much do you know about Commercial fabric cutting machine?

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Commercial fabric cutting machines have a relatively important position in industrial manufacturing. Commercial fabric cutting machines facilitate mass production of cloth to meet market demand. The use of a commercial fabric cutting machine reduces labor and makes cloth cheaper than before. So how much do you know about commercial fabric cutting machines? Let's learn about commercial fabric cutting machines.

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What materials can be cut by a Commercial fabric cutting machine?

What are the working characteristics of a Commercial fabric cutting machine

Industrial automatic cnc cloth fabric cutting machine-3

What materials can be cut by a Commercial fabric cutting machine?

The Commercial fabric cutting machine is specially designed for the garment industry and the cutting of plush fabrics. The commercial fabric cutting machine can accurately cut a variety of clothing fabrics with arbitrary graphics. The Commercial fabric cutting machine can be equipped with a feeding device to realize continuous automatic cutting of roll materials.  Vacuum adsorption, track conveyor machine, receiving, convenient feed, The cutting fabrics include various materials such as plush fabrics, non-woven fabrics, cotton and linen, chemical fibers, and so on. Commercial fabric cutting machines can be used with clothing photocopying machines to quickly produce samples.

What are the working characteristics of a Commercial fabric cutting machine?

 Commercial CD cloth inexpensive, low consumption, and because there is no mechanical stress on the laser processing a workpiece, the cut cloth is a good effect, high precision, cutting speed of the products cut by commercial fabric cutting machine are very good. Commercial fabric cutting machines run smoothly and have fine and smooth cuts. and can work continuously for 24 hours. When cutting a variety of fabrics with conventional cutting machines, production costs are too high, the production cycle is long, inconvenient to modify the size, which affects the delivery time, and cannot meet some sharp corners encountered in the production process.

At the same time, the traditional Commercial fabric cutting machine cuts the fabric with rough cuts, which causes the warp and weft of the fabric to fall off, which brings an After the embroidery to the operator inconvenience, seriously affecting the quality of embroidery and clothing, reducing market competitiveness. The dust-free non-woven fabric cut by the commercial fabric cutting machine will not yellow, automatically gather the edges, will not fray, will not be deformed, will not be hard, the size is consistent and accurate; there is no burr, the size is standard, and the effect is soft, without high frequency or the harshness of die-cutting. Commercial fabric cutting machine can cut any complex shapes; high efficiency, low cost, computer-designed graphics, commercial fabric cutting machine can cut any shape, any size of lace.

The Commercial fabric cutting machine fully solves the problem of inefficiency and waste of materials. The Commercial fabric cutting machine has fast cutting speed and simple operation. You only need to input the graphics and size to be cut into the computer, and after the precise calculation of the typesetting software, the Commercial fabric cutting machine The entire material into finished products you need. Cutting machine which is simple and fast, and improves the efficiency of production and processing. If you are interested in a Commercial fabric cutting machine, you can contact us, our website is https://www.timingcutter.com/.

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