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What are the characteristics of a digital fabric cutting machine?

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There are many different fabric cutters. Have you heard of digital fabric cutting machines? Digital fabric cutting machine is very different from the traditional fabric cutting machine. Let's see what characteristics the digital fabric cutting machine has.

Here is the content list:

l Two highlights of the digital fabric cutting machine

l Advantages of digital fabric cutting machine

l Features of digital fabric cutting machine

l Maintenance of digital fabric cutting machine

Two highlights of the digital fabric cutting machine

The biggest highlight of the digital fabric cutting machine is that it has the device of automatic loading and unloading, and the function of super discharging. The automatic feeding device can be customized according to different webs with different unwinding devices, so there is no need to worry about different webs, resulting in a mismatch, and it can ensure that the web conveying process is smooth and supple when the material is cut. The super nesting function can get a satisfactory nesting chart in only 5 minutes, which completely liberates the nesting master from the original tedious manual nesting. It greatly reduces the time wasted by manual drawing and scribing.

Advantages of digital fabric cutting machine

①Digital fabric cutting machine is controlled by a computer, easy to operate. An automatic layout can save raw materials. ②Support multiple data formats. Directly accept the common garment design and layout software. ③High cutting precision, realize efficient and accurate nesting and cutting for the large-format screen. ④High degree of automation, simple operation. ⑤Using vibration knife blade cutting, compared to laser cutting more environmentally friendly.

Features of digital fabric cutting machine

①The number of fabric storage layers can be set as required. ②Keep the fabric storage and feeding without tension-type fabric pulling operation, absolutely no fabric stretching phenomenon. ③The machine operation setting is simple, a single person can save manpower, without too much manual intervention. ④Emergency stop device, when the emergency stop, the fabric will not be dragged. ⑤The cutting knife path is adjusted according to the width of the cloth, saving extra reciprocation time. ⑥Automatic hemming device, the fabric edge is flush and saves fabric. ⑦Humanized emergency stop device, prevent the safety maintenance of sudden situations. ⑧Woven fabric, knitted fabric, pre-loose fabric cloth, one-way pulling, and laying.

Maintenance of digital fabric cutting machine

Digital fabric cutting machines should be regularly maintained and serviced. Check once a week whether the machine shell grounding is good. Daily check whether the cloth cutting blade is sharp, if not, use a grinding stone to grind. 3. Check daily whether the air circuit is leaking. Check the electrical wiring once a month to maintain good insulation. The speed reducer should be replaced with lubricant once every six months. The motor should be replaced with grease after one year of use. The chain should be kept normally lubricated and tensioned in time; the transmission gear and worm gear should be greased once a week. When the machine is not used for a long time, attention should be paid to moisture and rodent prevention. Work should be timely clean up the pressure roller sticky spoils, so as not to cause a long time difficult to clean. Clean up carefully after work every day to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.

Digital cutter machine Digital cutter machine with CCD system

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