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What are the characteristics of fabric spreading tables?

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Lack of fabric spreading table skews and incorrect patterns of striped patterns, seriously affecting the appearance and making the dress unsuitable and flat after being cut into clothes. Without a fabric-spreading table, it is not even possible to cut clothes in batches, leading to the national economy and consumers. The damage was very large. During processing, once the fabric is wedged, the amount of maintenance increases, and the consumption of water, electricity, coal, and lab our is excessive. The absence of a fabric spreading table affects production progress and the losses are immeasurable. So, what do you know about the fabric spreading table, let's see?

Here's the list of content:

●What are the characteristics of fabric spreading tables?  

●The role of fabric spreading tables.

What are the characteristics of fabric spreading tables?

The fabric spreading table is an open and wide expansion device. The feature of the fabric spreading table is that it includes a shelf and, according to the direction of the fabric, the first cloth guide roller, the second cloth guide roller, the flat wide expansion roller is arranged in order on the shelf. Unfolding station, third cloth guide roller: fabric expansion station open wide expansion roller includes the roller, the outer edge of the roller is equipped with multiple covering plate components, the fabric spreading table cover plate always becomes an arc with a certain arc, the covering plate assembly and the core length is the same: The covering plate components of the fabric spreading table include the first cover plate, the second cover plate, and the third cover plate.  The first cover plate of the fabric spreading table Is near the center end of the core, the ends of the second layer cover plate are tilted surfaces, and the third cover plate is arranged as a tilted surface near the center end of the core. The connecting surface of the fabric spreading table of the first cover plate and the second covering plate, the connection surface of the third cover plate, and the second covering table adapt to each other so that the first cover and the second cover table of the fabric spreading table are arranged in the equal distance between the third cover and the second cover. Similarly, the fabric spreading table of the second and third cover plates of the fabric spreading table are also provided through holes, the expanded table is fixed to the bracket, and the unfolded table of the fabric spreading table consists of a surface with an arc structure with a protruding middle. The expanded table and the third cloth guide roller come into contact with each other.

The role of fabric propagation tables.

Fabric-spreading table surfaces can expand horizontally, flatten and squeeze fabrics. The fabric spreading table is ready for printing, which is conducive to improving the accuracy of color registration. Compared with the existing large-scale equipment, the fabric spreading table structure is simple, the equipment is simple. It has the characteristics of small space consumption and multi-functional integration. If you are interested in fabric spreading tables, you can contact us at our website https://www.timingcutter.com/.

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