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What are the precautions for fabric cutting machines?

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The fabric  cutting machine uses a carbon dioxide  beam to illuminate the garment fabric to melt or vaporize it at a high temperature to achieve the purpose of cutting and engraving. Accurate cutting of any graphics on clothing fabrics can be equipped with a feeding device to realize continuous automatic cutting of roll materials. So, what are the precautions when using a fabric  cutting machine? Next are some considerations.

Here is the content list:

l Pay attention to issues of safety

l Pay attention to in operation specifications

l Pay attention to maintenance

Pay attention to issues of safety

Observe the overall safety in operation procedures of the cutting machine, and begin the cutting machine in strict accordance with the start-up procedure of the fabric  cutting machine. Operators should be trained to be at home with the structure and performance of the instrumentation and to master the information of the software package. Labor protection instrumentation should be worn following the rules, and safety glasses that befits the rules should be worn close to the light beam. don't method a cloth before it's clear whether or not it may be irradiated or heated by optical maser, therefore on avoid the potential hazards of smoke and vapor. once the instrumentation is started, the operator shall not leave the post or be taken care of while not authorization. If it's necessary to depart, the operator ought to stop the fabric  cutting machine or stop the facility switch. Keep the fireplace device within straightforward reach; put off the optical maser or shutter once not working; don't place paper, artifact, or alternative ignitable materials close to the unprotected light beam.

Pay attention to in operation specifications

Every time you turn on the fabric  cutting machine, you must check whether the submersible pump is out of water. Ensure that the circulating water has a moderate temperature, dry water quality, and no debris (purified water is recommended). Regularly replace the circulating water (7 days). Wipe the reflector and focusing lens with a special camera lens paper or a medical cotton swab moistened with a mixture of alcohol and B. The fan must be turned on when engraving to avoid contaminating the lens and focusing lens. It is strictly forbidden to place flammable and explosive materials near the fabric  cutting machine equipment. When the machine is working, the top cover of the machine must be covered to prevent fire or injury due to  deviation. During the working process of the fabric  cutting machine, the operator is forbidden to leave without authorization to avoid unnecessary losses. Non-professionals are strictly prohibited to disassemble the fabric  cutting machine without authorization to avoid accidents. It is strictly forbidden to place any irrelevant reflective objects in the fabric  cutting machine to prevent the  from being directly reflected on the human body or flammable objects, causing danger. It is forbidden to turn on when the voltage is unstable, otherwise, a voltage stabilizer must be used. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the ammeter in the maximum state to avoid the breakdown of the  power supply.

Pay attention to maintenance

The fabric  cutting machine ought to be maintained frequently, daily, weekly, monthly, and half-yearly maintenance and maintenance ought to be disbursed. The machine should be cleansed hebdomadally, the horizontal and vertical guide rails, the transmission gear rack, and also the rack should be cleansed, and grease should be further. Check whether or not the horizontal and vertical rail wipers square measure operating properly, and replace them in time if they're abnormal. Check whether or not all the cutting torches square measure loses, pack up the rubbish of the ignition muzzle, and keep the ignition traditional. If there's AN automatic height adjustment device, check whether or not it's sensitive and whether or not to switch the probe. Check whether or not the plasma cutting nozzle and conductor square measure broke, and whether or not the cutting nozzle and conductor got to get replaced.

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