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What is a fabric cutting table?

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We all know that a fabric cutting table a platform, so what is a fabric cutting table? Next, let's go take a look.

This is the content list:

l Introduction of fabric cutting table

l Fabric cutting table cutting

Introduction of fabric cutting table

The fabric cutting table is specially made for the garment industry and the cutting of plush fabrics. The fabric cutting table can accurately cut a variety of clothing fabrics with arbitrary graphics. The fabric cutting table can be equipped with a feeding device to realize continuous automatic cutting of roll materials. The fabric cutting table is equipped with a sealed cigarette, marking the garment piece and cutting process at one time, and the fabric cutting table discharges the smoke generated during cutting through negative pressure. Negative pressure absorption and crawler transfer fabric cutting table, the fabric cutting table makes it convenient and fast to receive and feed materials. The cutting fabric includes various materials such as plush cloth, non-woven cloth, cotton and linen, chemical fiber, and so on. The fabric cutting table can be used with the clothing photocopying machine to quickly produce samples.

The fabric cutting table is easy to operate and a pattern-making system with strong expandability. The pattern-making system of the fabric cutting table is combined with laser cutting, and there is no need to output cardboard patterns. The fabric cutting table can realize the linkage modification of the pattern structure by only modifying a few key data. At the same time, the fabric cutting table also has left and right shoe pattern imaging Function, the fabric cutting table can cut left and right foot patterns at the same time. The automatic layout function of the fabric cutting table reduces waste.

Fabric cutting table cutting

The fabric cutting table is an automatic feeding and automatic rolling fabric cutting table specially developed for the plush fabric manufacturing industry. The fabric cutting table completely replaces the ancient electric perm technology. The fabric cutting table has no smoke when it works. The fabric cutting table saves materials. The cutting edge has no focal edges, and the cutting will not lose fluff. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Take plush fabric as an example hardware features of the cutting table cutting machine for plush toy fabrics. The fabric cutting table uses the silver linear motion guide to ensure that the laser head of the fabric cutting table is smooth, high-speed, and jitter-free during operation. The fabric cutting table has the characteristics of a small cutting seam, fast speed, and high precision, and the accuracy and service life of the equipment is guaranteed.

Automatic layout function of fabric cutting table software. After the fabric cutting table has designed the cutting pattern, the fabric cutting table software will automatically typeset, and the material patterns can be closely fitted to reduce waste. The fabric cutting table is equipped with imported metal molybdenum reflective lenses and gallium arsenide focusing lenses, which are resistant to sassafras and high temperature. The fabric cutting table does not need to be replaced frequently, reducing the cost of use, and the light spot is fine and the light is uniform. The fabric cutting table has an advanced variable speed system. The fabric cutting table realizes the function of instantaneous speed change and self-adjusting speed according to the needs of curved and straight lines during the cutting process. The fabric cutting table makes the cutting edge smooth and the corner curve natural. The fully enclosed water tank of the fabric cutting table ensures that the water in the circulation and the laser tube is dust-free and clean, and extends the service life of the laser tube. The fabric cutting table effectively reduces the production cost.

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