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What is an industrial fabric cutting machine?

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The industrial fabric cutting machine is controlled by a fully automatic touch screen. The worker inputs the data that needs to be opened on the touch screen, starts the machine, the machine runs automatically and cuts the industrial fabric that needs to be processed. Let's get to know what an industrial fabric cutting machine is together.

Here is the content list:

1.How to use an industrial fabric cutting machine?

2.What are the advantages of industrial fabric cutting machines?

How to use an industrial fabric cutting machine?

1. Scientifically estimate the electrical power of the machine and configure a reasonable capacity of the electric meter. Furniture manufacturers must re-estimate the total power consumption capacity of the enterprise after adding new electronic panel saws and other machinery and equipment. If the original electrical capacity is insufficient, they must increase the capacity, and cannot wait until the electronic panel saw fails to increase the capacity.

2. Regularly check electrical wiring and replace old cables with insufficient cross-sectional area to ensure the use of woodworking machinery and electrical appliances such as electronic panel saws. In the middle of summer, air-conditioning, electric fans, and other civil uses consume a lot of electricity, which will inevitably produce insufficient voltage, which will affect the operation of industrial fabric cutting machines. In the case of regional voltage stability, the unit's unstable voltage can consider replacing the cable; in the case of regional voltage instability, consider increasing the capacity and replacing the cable.

3. Adjust the frequency of power use, and use electric energy rationally. The power consumption of the industrial fabric cutting machine can be large or small. In furniture production, the machinery of different power should be reasonably matched to maintain the relative balance of mechanical power consumption per unit time. For example, avoiding turning on the machine during peak hours can reduce machine failures due to insufficient power.

4. Equipped with full-time electrical maintenance personnel to regularly maintain and repair industrial fabric cutting machines.

What are the advantages of industrial fabric cutting machines?

1. Large and small power motors can be used according to the size of the machine, and pneumatic devices can be used. Clamping industrial fabrics, and equipped with hooks, fast, flexible, safe, and reliable.

2. The main track adopts 30 cm high-precision bearing steel, and the linear track is light and flexible to use, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the user.

3. Using large-size saw blades, with a scraper, and a smaller saw path with upper and lower saw blades. The sawing surface is flat and smooth. The processed products are smooth and standard without planning and secondary processing, which can completely replace band saws.

4. The equipment can be customized according to customer requirements, the processing diameter can be customized, and the processing length can be customized.

5. The body of the industrial fabric cutting machine adopts national standard steel, which has high stability and long service life.

6. The guide rail uses precision linear guide 30 types. The main shaft hole of the fuselage is bored by a high-precision large boring machine, with high precision and small error.

7. The production equipment has no external processing parts. After strict technical inspection, the quality of the equipment is effectively guaranteed.

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