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Why do fabric die cutting machine opportunities arise?

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The garment fabric die cutting machine is very effective in the garment industry. As a new processing method, it has gradually been widely used in the leather, textile, and garment industries with its advantages of precise processing, fast processing, simple operation, and a high degree of automation. Let's take a look at what is a fabric die cutting machine together.

Here is the content list:

1.Why do fabric die cutting machine opportunities arise?

2.What are the advantages of the fabric die cutting machine?

3.How to maintain the fabric die cutting machine?

Why do fabric die cutting machine opportunities arise?

In traditional manual cutting, the problem encountered is hand error. At the same time, it is difficult to guarantee accuracy during manual cutting. If it is a large-volume, multi-layer cutting task, the consequences of the size error of the upper and lower layers will lead to the entire production. The prolonged process will also affect the quality level of the products in the same period. Due to the inevitable error of manual cutting, the inspection and correction process leads to an increase in labor costs. While increasing the operating costs of small and medium-sized clothing companies, it also seriously affects product quality.

What are the advantages of the fabric die cutting machine?

1. Compared with the traditional cutting method, the fabric die cutting machine has low consumption, convenient operation, good effect, no pollution, and because the blade processing has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece, the effect, accuracy, and cutting speed of the cut product All are very good. And it also has the characteristics of safe operation and simple maintenance. The fabric die cutting machine can work continuously for 24 hours.

2. The edge of the dust-free non-woven fabric cut by the fabric die cutting machine will not be yellow or scorched. It has greatly improved the development of the clothing industry. The size is consistent and accurate; it can cut any complex shape; it is efficient and low-cost. The computer design graphics can cut laces of any shape and size. Due to the combination of blade and computer technology, the user only needs to design on the computer, and the fabric die cutting machine can work, and the product can be produced while designing.

3. The saving of fabrics by the automatic cutting system of the fabric die cutting machine is also a factor that enterprises cannot ignore. After the intuitive and operable computer layout, the first material saving has been formed; the zero error of the automatic cutting system makes the whole cutting work once again save a lot of cloth. When the enterprise is limited, the efficiency of the application of cloth is also the same. It is used efficiently.

4. Wide application range. The fabric die cutting machine used in clothing, leather, luggage and leather shoes, shoe material manufacturers, integrated cutting and hollowing, suitable for processing various leather materials: high-end shoe materials, leather bags, leather clothing cutting special shapes, no Flash, standard size, small error (±0.1mm). In addition, special effects or patterns can be carved on the leather to make the finished product more delicate and creative.

How to maintain the fabric die cutting machine?

1. Choose a good environment to use the fabric die cutting machine. It should not be placed in a place with strong sunlight to avoid direct sunlight, to prevent the sun from affecting the service life of the countertop.

2. Periodically wipe the countertop with alcohol to avoid pouring alcohol directly onto the countertop.

3. Regularly optimize, disinfect and maintain the computer. The instability of the computer system will also affect the normal operation of the proofing machine.

4. Do not place heavy objects or scissors or screwdrivers on the fabric die cutting machine to avoid touching the machine head when starting the machine.

5. Do not put heavy pressure on the rails and beams on both sides of the vibrating knife cutting machine, so as not to damage the linear track. Damage to the linear track will affect the accuracy of the proofing machine.

6. During the operation of the fabric die cutting machine, please do not put your hand close to the running beam and machine head to avoid accidents.

Wuhan TIMING Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of different fabric die cutting machines and conducted a large number of tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality. If you are in the fabric die cutting machine business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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