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Do you know how to use an automatic fabric cutting machine?

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As a new high-tech machine, the automatic fabric cutting machine is getting more and more attention and welcome by people. But many companies are not very clear about how to use automatic fabric cutting machines. So the following will introduce you to the specifications of the automatic fabric cutting machine.

Here is the content list:

1.How to layout materials according to the production process requirements?

2.What are the safety precautions for using the automatic fabric cutting machine?


How to layout materials according to the production process requirements?

Laying and layout are according to the requirements of the production process, the cut samples are closely arranged within the specified width of the cloth, and the cutting is completed while the shortest material consumption is pursued. There are two types of nesting methods: manual nesting and CAD nesting. No matter which method is used, companies need to pay attention to the following details:

1) Discharge according to the effective width of the material.

2) The shrinkage of the material and the edge of the woven fabric will affect the actual effective width of the layout. It should be planned reasonably according to the nature of the cut piece and the production requirements.

3) The placement of the pieces during layout should be consistent with the specified yarn direction, otherwise, it will affect the shape of the garment and cause irreversible quality problems. For example, the placket line of the front piece of the jacket must be consistent with the warp direction.

4) For the pieces that have the requirement of alignment and grid alignment, the alignment pieces must be placed in the same circular pattern when nesting. For example, the left and right front pieces of the jacket have requirements on the strips, and the left and right plackets are placed relatively together during the layout.

The materials saved in marking are equal to the return of profit for the enterprise. The effectiveness of marking work in many enterprises is measured by the utilization rate of marking. The nesting utilization rate refers to the ratio of the area occupied by the pieces to the area of the cloth during nesting. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the pieces, marking should pursue a more "high" marking utilization rate. Many enterprises marking employees have to constantly try different marking schemes to obtain a "perfect" marking plan. If the subsequent cutting is done manually while pursuing a high rate of nesting utilization, the convenience of the cutting staff should also be considered, and the cutting route should be planned reasonably to provide convenience for ensuring the cutting quality.

What are the safety precautions for using the automatic fabric cutting machine?

1. Regardless of whether the automatic fabric cutting machine is turned on or off, please stand on the cutting table or unloading the table in a hurry.

2. When the cover of the cutting head or other safety devices are not installed, it is extremely dangerous, and the automatic fabric cutting machine cannot be used.

3. When the protective cover is not installed, please do not use the automatic fabric cutting machine.

4. Please do not use the automatic fabric cutting machine when the side panel is not installed.

5. When cutting, do not stand in the moving area of the cutting bar in the cutting area.

6. When the cutting table is moving, do not approach the machine and unload.

7. When the machine is running, do not remove the perforated paper, film, fabric, or other materials. Once it is blocked, press the emergency stop button immediately, and after the standby device stops, pull out the blockage.

8. Do not exceed the limit of cutting bed function (such as height, width, etc.).

Wuhan TIMING Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of different automatic fabric cutting machines and conducted a large number of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. If you are in the automatic fabric cutting machine business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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