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What are the advantages of fabric cutting machines?

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The fabric cutting machine is provided with a seal on the smoke, marking the garment piece and also the cutting method at just once, and exhausts the smoke generated throughout cutting through negative pressure. Negative pressure absorption and crawler transfer worktables build it convenient and fast to receive and feed materials. Cutting materials embody numerous materials like plush materials, non-woven materials, cotton and linen, and chemical fibers. The fabric cutting machine may also be used with the wear photocopying machine to quickly turn out samples. So, what area unit the benefits of fabric cutting machines? Let's take a glance.

Here is the content list:

l The cutting products are high quality and many patterns

l High cutting potency

l Many kinds of cutting materials

l Low price and low consumption

The cutting products are high quality and many patterns

When ancient cutting machines cut materials, rough cuts cause the warp and yarn threads of the material to fall off. This brings several inconveniences to the post-embroidery operations, seriously affects the standard of embroidery and wear, and reduces market fight. The dust-free non-woven material cut by the material fabric cutting machine doesn't flip yellow, mechanically closes the perimeters, doesn't fray, doesn't deform, doesn't become laborious, the dimensions are consistent and accurate; there's no burr, the dimensions are normal, and also the error is tiny (±0.1mm), The result is soft, while not the harshness of high frequency or die-cutting pressure. It will cut any difficult shape; high potency, low cost, computer-designed graphics, will cut laces of any form and any size.

High cutting potency

The fabric cutting machine breaks the slow speed and tough typesetting of ancient manual and electrical shears and solves the matter of unskillfulness and waste of materials. because of the transmission characteristics of the optical device, the material optical device cutting machine is mostly equipped with multiple CNC workbenches. The cutting method will all understand CNC. throughout the operation, solely by ever-changing the numerical management program, it is often applied to the cutting of elements of various shapes, which may be used for two-dimensional cutting and three-dimensional cutting. The cutting speed is quick and also the operation is easy. you simply got to input the graphics and size to withdraw the pc.

Many kinds of cutting materials

Compared with oxyacetylene cutting and plasma cutting, fabric cutting machines have many sorts of fabric cutting materials, as well as metal, non-metal, metal-based, and non-metal-based composite materials, leather, wood, and fiber. except for completely different materials, because of their completely different absorption rates for s, they show completely different optical device cutting abilities.

Low value and low consumption

The fabric cutting machine has low value and low consumption, and since the optical device process has no mechanical pressure on the work, the effect, accuracy, and cutting speed of the material optical device cutting machine area unit superb, the operation is stable, the incision is ok and sleek, and also the surface roughness is simply Tens of microns, even optical device cutting are often used because the last method, while not a mechanical process, elements are often used directly. when the fabric is optical device cut, the dimension of the heat-affected zone is extremely tiny, and also the performance of the fabric close to the slit is sort of unaffected, and also the work has tiny deformation, high cutting accuracy, smart pure mathematics of the slit, and also the cross-sectional form of the slit is comparatively regular. rectangle. the material optical device cutting machine may also work ceaselessly for twenty-four hours.

That's a detailed introduction to fabric cutting machines, I hope the above introduction will be helpful for you to know fabric cutting machines, If you are interested in fabric cutting machines, you can contact us at any time. The company website is https://www.timingcutter.com/. Thank you for your support.

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